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January 27, 2015

From the Desk of:
Wendy Huget, Teacher, Kindergarten Unit Plans Founder

Dear Teacher,

If you are looking for amazing lessons and activities for your students…100% aligned with Common Core State Standards

…for a way to save hundreds of hours of prep time, and make teaching less stressful

If you would like to see how easy and fun teaching can be with  all of your prep work done in seconds...

Then please, stop whatever you are doing and pay attention.  This is going to save you so much time!

I have been teaching for more than 10 years, and I love it!

Teaching is a dynamic, ever-changing job, and the kids are so fun to help and watch grow.  They are amazing.

What I don't love are the countless hours of unpaid prep time the job demands.

Your kids deserve the best, and you want to have great lessons for them, so you spend hours grinding away every night and on the weekends too, creating projects, activities, crafts, and worksheets.

It eats into your personal life and can leave you exhausted and stressed out.

But it doesn't have to be this way...

Imagine having a library of amazing resources, 100% aligned with Common Core State Standards, that you could draw from at will for the rest of your career.

How much time could you save over the course of your teaching career if you didn't have to do prep work?

Stop Running Yourself Ragged Every Week...

Kindergarten Unit Plans invites you to try an easy and fun way to quickly build a collection of amazing Unit Plans that will virtually eliminate prep work.

I used to be swamped with prep work.  Almost every night I found myself spending hours planning activities, creating work sheets, researching lesson ideas, getting materials ready for my kids.

My social life was being killed by prep time, and I was burning out.

So I decided to do something about it.  I found two other talented, experienced teachers, and together we created a business providing top-quality curriculum to busy kindergarten teachers like ourselves.

With five amazing new unit plans, you will...

  • Save Time at Home - No more evenings and weekends wasted!
  • Have Fun at Work - Lessons and activities guaranteed to inform and entertain!
  • Make Your Life Easier - Less prep means less work, which means less stress!

We knew that with our combined skill and experience, we could save ourselves and other teachers hundreds of hours, and make learning fun for everyone involved.

It took three years of very hard work, but the results have been well worth it.  Teaching is so much easier now, and we have helped hundreds of teachers save time and invigorate their teaching.

Here's how it works...

Every month members receive five exciting new Unit Plans packed with fun activities that get kids excited about learning.

All of our Unit Plans are are multidisciplinary, theme-based units, and are created and tested by experienced teachers.

With five new Unit Plans every month, teachers like yourself can save hundreds of hours of prep time and dramatically reduce the stress of teaching.

Each Unit Plan...

  • Includes More Than 50 Pages of Amazing Activites for Math, Reading and Writing, Science, Socials, and Art.
  • Is 100% Aligned with Common Core State Standards.
  • Will Save You Countless Hours of Prep Time, and Give You More Free Time!
  • Can be Used Again and Again for the Rest of Your Career!
  • Is Protected by Our Iron-Clad, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

You will save so much time and energy using Unit Plans you know were designed and tested by real teachers...

...and you kids will love learning with the fun, dynamic lessons and activities included with each Unit Plan.

Teachers Love Our Themed Unit Plans Because
They Save So Much Time and are So Fun to Use!

From Apples to Zebras, Kindergarten Unit Plans has you covered.

Have a look at just a handful of the Unit Plans members have access to...

All About Me

This unit includes dozens of activities to help kids learn about and express themselves.  Your students will love sharing all the things that make them unique, and they will learn and practice important skills along the way.  This multidisciplinary unit plan includes activities for math, literacy, socials, science, and art.  It's a lot of fun, and it is 100% aligned with Common Core State Standards.


For some reason, kids are always fascinated by bats.  This Bats Unit is always a winner as it leads students on a fun journey of discovery.  There are 15 activities covering math, science, literacy, and art, so you have two weeks of bat-themed fun ready-to-go!

The Arctic

Polar bears, seals, penguins, and igloos make The Arctic a super fun Unit Plan!  This multidisciplinary unit will impress you with a great variety of lessons and activities.  Take your kids on an adventure to the North Pole, as they practice their literacy, math, and art skills and learn all about the animals, landscape, and people of the Arctic.


Every kindergarten teacher needs a good Dinosaurs Unit Plan, and this one is perfect!  With fun activities and amazing printables, this unit saves you time while providing a great experience for your kids.


Our Pirates Unit Plan includes 15 swashbuckling activities for math, literacy, socials, and aarrrrt! :)  Sail the seven seas for two weeks, and enjoy having everything you need ready to go.


Get your classroom buzzing with our fantastic Bees Unit Plan.  This is favorite of ours at Kindergarten Unit Plans, especially the velcro science activity.  Your kids will love it too, and they'll learn about the important role bees play in our ecosystem.  You will love the great bee-themed counting activities and printables.  So fun!


Have a hoot while exploring the fascinating world of owls!  This unit plan features dozens of activities for math, literacy, science, and art, and is 100% aligned with Common Core State Standards.  You will love the high-quality printables, and easy to use activities.


Science, literacy, and math activities abound in this great Apples Unit Plan.  Your kids will love the apple tasting and sorting activities, and there are plenty of fun lessons and printables to choose from.  Everything is aligned with Core Standards and ready to go.


Butterflies are a great theme for a spring unit, and this one will blow you away with the quality and variety of its activities.  You will love the cute, butterfly-themed printables, and your students will too!  Your kids will learn about the amazing life cycle of the butterfly, while they learn and practice standards-based skills.

Ocean Animals

Our Ocean Animals Unit Plan takes you and your kids deep beneath the surface to learn about dolphins, whales, jellyfish, crustaceans, and more!  Dive into the 15 ocean-themed activities and take a break from prep work.  Science, math, literacy, socials, and art are covered.


Kids love Halloween, and this great unit will trick-or-treat them into learning while they celebrate this fun holiday.  Your kids will enjoy spooky activities covering math, literacy, socials, science, and art, and you will enjoy taking a two-week vacation from prep work in October.

Back to School

Every teacher needs a great back to school unit to start the year off right after a long summer, and this unit fits the bill perfectly.  Establish a fun, supportive environment in your class right from the start with these lessons and activities designed to help kids get to know each other while they ease into learning.  Enjoy.

At the Farm

Take your class to the farm and learn about the hard work done by people and animals to produce our food.  Your kids will love learning about their favorite farm animals, and they will develop a much deeper understanding of the role farms play in our society.  The At the Farm Unit includes a great variety of lessons and activities covering science, socials, literacy, math, and art.

The Rainforest

Take your kids on an adventure to a tropical rainforest and explore the amazing plants and animals that live in this fascinating environment.  Learn about tree frogs, snakes, insects, and more, while practicing important math and literacy skills.  This fabulous unit will show your kids how diverse and interesting their world is.  Enjoy.


Bugs never fail to fascinate kindergarten kids.  You and your students will love this amazing collection of insect-related lessons and activities, all with stunning printables and clear instructions.

My Community

This unit includes dozens of activities to help kids learn about and express themselves.  Your students will love sharing all the things that make them unique, and they will learn and practice important skills along the way.  This multidisciplinary unit plan includes activities for math, literacy, socials, science, and art.  It's a lot of fun, and it is 100% aligned with Common Core State Standards.

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Everything has been created and tested by experienced teachers, and everything is 100% aligned with Common Core State Standards...

So you can have complete confidence in your curriculum.

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Have A Question...?

  • Q.What do I get with my $1 trial?

    A.This special $1 trial gives you instant access to five full unit plans with more than 300 pages of activities, and a month of membership with Kindergarten Unit Plans.

  • Q.When will I receive my unit plans?

    A.You will receive instant access to five full unit plans as soon as you begin your $1 trial.  If you choose to continue with Kindergarten Unit Plans, you will receive another five unit plans every 30 days.

  • Q.What if I don't want to continue?

    A.No problem!  You are under no obligation and can cancel at any time.  You can even keep all five unit plans you received with your $1 trial.

  • Q.What if I have a question or need help?

    A.No problem!  Just email us at, and I or one of my colleagues will answer any questions you have.

  • Q.Are your unit plans aligned with Common Core Standards?

    A.Yes!  All of our resources are 100% aligned with Common Core State Standards.  Each unit plan includes a standards-alignment grid showing which standards are addressed in the unit.

  • Q.What does your guarantee cover?

    A.Our 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to return any product from Kindergarten Unit Plans within 60 days of purchase.  You can try any of our Unit Plans for 60 days, and if you are unsatisfied for any reason, just let us know and we will refund the full purchase price.  No questions.  No hassle.  No risk.

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I hope you do decide to take advantage of this opportunity and try Kindergarten Unit Plans.  You will be getting amazing value, and there is absolutely no risk.



Wendy Huget
Teacher, Kindergarten Unit Plans Founder

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