Account Questions

If you need help with an Kindergarten Unit Plans™ product, you're in the right place

  • Q.How much does membership cost?

    A.First-time members pay only $1 for their first 30 days of membership, which includes unlimited access to the Members Only Area and three unique downloads.  You can cancel at any time, and you get to keep the three unit plans.  If you choose to continue as a member, you will be able to choose another three unit plans every 30 days for just $9.99 – countless hours of prep work for the price of lunch.

  • Q.How do I cancel my membership?

    A.When you start your membership, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your purchase.  To cancel your membership for any reason at any time, simply click on the “Open Support Ticket” link included in this confirmation email.  If you no longer have your confirmation email, you can cancel your membership by visiting and opening a support ticket there with your email address.

  • Q.What is Clickbank

    A.With over 17 years of experience as one of the largest online retailers in the world, ClickBank™ provides secure retail sales for for more than 6 million unique products created by passionate entrepreneurs.  We use Clickbank™ to sell our unit plans because they give our customers complete confidence in security, access, and customer support.

  • Q.I am having trouble registering.

    A.If you are having trouble registering for your new membership, don’t worry, our registration tutorial will help get you navigate the process and solve any problems you encounter.